Sunday, 29 January 2012

PhotoChances Lab v4.5

PhotoChances Lab v4.5 || File Size : 4.84 MB
A large collection of fine photography filters and effects with a simple push of a button. With several families of filters: Black and white, colorize, creative and tools, the program will apply with a single click surprising effects and image enhancements to your pictures.
With a Random effect generator producing endless variations of your photos, reuse any effect you like in any other images easily and file it for easy access at any later time.
The random image button picks at random an image from any collection, no matter how large, and applies instantly the active effect. A great way to rediscover old images and inspire new ideas!


Inspiration: Find new lines of artistic interpretations of your images, click an effect and view immediately the result. Or use the Random effect generator, endless surprises and new ideas.
Rediscover your old photos. With the "Load random image" button that can handle large collections of photographs spread on different folders and show them randomly with an effect. You will see photographs you maybe forgot or perhaps discarded.
Build your own collection of unique effects with the random effect generator plus the controls to fine tune.
Your own pictures are your gallery of effects: Each image saved with the program contains the recipe of the filter used. With PhotoChances-Lab you can apply that same effect to any other image as easily as dragging it to the program's icon.
Uniform style: Once you have an effect you like, apply it easily in as many other images as you want with a simple operation.


1. Just install. If you use other editors except Photoshop CS5, copy plug-in manually.
2. Enjoy



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