Monday, 13 February 2012

Download Norton Ghost 15 full Mediafire

Gratis Download Norton Ghost 15  |  119.68 MB
Norton Ghost adalah alat backup yang handal, kuat dan mudah digunakan yang mencegah Anda dari kehilangan file penting apabila komputer bermasalah.
Norton Ghost membantu Anda mem back-up seluruh hard drive Anda atau hanya folder yang dipilih - untuk partisi lain, drive jaringan atau perangkat penyimpanan eksternal.

Creating backup copies in Norton Ghost is really easy. The program runs a step-by-step wizard the first time you launch it, which walks you through the process and provides you with all the available options.

You can configure as many different backup tasks in Norton Ghost as you need, each one of them with its own settings. The backup copies can be conveniently scheduled and restored at any time, should the worst happen. Of course, Norton Ghost lets you change any of these settings later on in the program’s configuration menu.

Norton Ghost can also create an exact copy of your hard drive (with all the existing files, programs and settings). When backing up the whole drive, Norton Ghost will also create a restoration point that will enable you to recover your system in case something goes horribly wrong.

As efficient and easy to use as it is, Norton Ghost requires just one thing: patience. Backup copies can take a long time, so you should probably leave the program running in the background while doing something else – or even better, schedule backups to take place when you don't need to use the PC.


Kalau anda ingin Norton Ghost versi 14 klik link download di bawah ini
Download Norton Ghost 14  |  91.11 MB


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