Monday, 27 February 2012

Membuat efek cahaya dengan Topaz Star Effects 1.1 di Photoshop

Topaz Star Effects 1.1 for Adobe Photoshop  |  31.2 MB
Topaz plug-in, Star Effects adalah plugin untuk menciptakan efek cahaya / sinar melalui Photoshop atau program editing gambar lainnya. Topaz Star Effects secara otomatis menempatkan sumber cahaya di gambar Anda dan membuat efek sinar.

Topaz Star Effects™ Highlights
- Includes a variety of star effect presets for a quick and creative 1-click workflow
- Star type selection - choose from options like traditional, starburst, cross star, hollywood star and more
- Mode selection which allows for star effect extraction from your base image
- Automatic light source detection
- Selective brush for quick and easy inclusion and exclusion of light sources
- Ability to stack a variety of star effects via the "Apply" button
- Fully customizable - with added adjustment controls for color, temperature, secondary spikes, glow and ring flare
- No loss of contrast - like with traditional glass filters



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