Thursday, 9 February 2012

Shutdown Timer v3.3.4 Full

Shutdown Timer v3.3.4   |   4.2 MB
Shutdown Timer is an advanced shutdown utility, it's more than a shutdown timer! It will allow you to
- Shutdown
- Restart
- Logoff
- Lock
- Sleep
- Hibernate
- Put the Monitor to Standby
- Open a file
- Open a webpage

These options can be used within the many features Shutdown Timer
has, the program uses these modules to provide extra functionality
from the regular windows shutdown command. Shutdown Timer has the
ability to execute the power saving feature under:

- Time & Date
- CPU Usage
- CPU Temperature
- Memory Usage
- Network Usage
- If a process is running or not
- If the system is Idle

The last feature of Shutdown Timer is the ability to wake the system
up from sleep!

You can also add parallel tasks to Shutdown Timer, the program will
now add a list of tasks you want to do and will execute them when
their conditions are met.



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