Friday, 10 February 2012

Spiral Graphics Genetica 3.6 Studio Edition Full Crack

Spiral Graphics Genetica 3.6 Studio Edition incl Crack  |  40.6 MB
Genetica is a seamless texture rendering program that will allow you to use textures that are saved in Genetica’s texture format. Genetica will excite any game developer, digital artist, or 3D designer.
Genetica‘s flexible node-based system means that all elements of a texture can be edited and rearranged in any desired order, leading to a significant increase in productivity. Genetica will automatically make textures seamless, with no additional work required.

Over 200 preset textures and texture components are included in Genetica, drastically cutting down texture development time. Presets can be rendered as is, or edited to taste. Genetica textures can be re-rendered at almost any resolution.You can zoom in and out of textures at will, while Genetica automatically preserves seamlessness. You can optimize your workflow by quickly packaging textural elements into single groups that can be added to Genetica’s interface and used repeatedly throughout your projects.Genetica also allows you to import existing texture work and spice it up with a number of seamless effects.

key features of “Genetica Studio”:
  • Create text directly within Genetica.Great for making logs as well as detailing textures.
  • Use photographs to quickly create the most realistic seamless textures.
  • Use your own photos or the included library of over a thousand royalty-free high-resolution texture photos.
  • All graphical elements can be visually rearranged, with no change being permanent. Results are resolution independent and automatically seamless.
  • Create awesome designs with a full suite of drawing tools.
  • Achieve realism in seconds by applying sophisticated styles to your designs.
  • Genetica combines the flexibility of its node-based system with a set of powerful Lab Nodes that automate tricky graphics tasks.
  • Genetica retains the extreme flexibility of its node-based system, but now combines it with a set of powerful Lab Nodes that do the tricky stuff for you.
  • Genetica will now generate effect maps that can be used in any of the channels supported by your 3D environment, such as bump, specular, reflection, luminance, and others.
  • The Lab system will automatically generate appropriate effect maps based on the texture in question. This allows you to produce specialized grayscale channels in seconds that might otherwise require hours of work.
  • The new Color Only Render mode automates the process of creating flat-looking versions of your textures without baked highlights and shadows.
  • The Weather Lab introduced in Genetica 2 gives texture artists a powerful new way to apply a great number of weathering or aging effects to their textures.
  • The new Cut & Tile Lab will automatically cut up your solid textures and turn them into everything from wall tiles to floor boards.
  • The all new Layer Lab makes it easy to create a wide variety of effects that involve one texture being layered on top of another one.
  • Instead of spending lots of time to painstakingly assemble seamless weave textures, let Genetica automate the process for you.
  • No science fiction environment would be complete without a few good exhaust vents or floor grates. Genetica will streamline the construction of this useful texture type.
  • Get high-resolution feedback on the results of your edits, as you make them. Floating views also allow artists with dual-monitor setups to make full use of their screen areas.
  • Genetica comes with well over 500 readymade texture presets. All presets can be edited to taste in any way you see fit.
  • With the new Wood Lab users will be able to create seamless wood textures in record time.


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