Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Membuat gambar karikatur dengan Caricature Studio Full

Caricature Studio Full  |  28 MB
Dengan Software ini anda dapat membuat karikatur dan foto lucu. Cepat dan mudah membuat seni karikatur dan komik. Anda juga akan mendapatkan lebih dari 100 template baru dan theme.

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Amazing Caricature Effects!
Warp, twist, stretch, pull, shrink, expand, stylize...even animate your photos in endless variations to create hilarious caricatures! No artistic experience needed....anyone can do it. Go mild or wild by adjusting the amount of effect applied!

Head On Body!
Place any head on any body with just a few clicks! Place your friends in funny scene templates or paste into any photo for hilarious, realistic photo fakes. Caricature Studio 5 does more than just great caricatures. It's a full suite of novelty photo tools!

Comic Rendering!
Amazing filter that transforms ordinary photos into comic-style art in one easy click! Adjust the level of posterization, line thickness, density, and more. Also great for cars and other still images! Add talk bubbles and text to create comic panels featuring your friends and family!

Fake Magazines!
Be the star of your favorite magazine cover! Includes parody covers for many of your favorites. Print on photo paper and pair it with an inexpensive frame for a last minute birthday gift!

Easy Face Swap!

Morph any face onto any photo! Walk down the red carpet on the arm of a starlet with a few easy clicks. Creating good celebrity fakes used to require advanced skills with expensive professional photo editing software. With our caricature software, it's easy!

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