Sunday, 25 May 2014

Download MAGIX Page Layout Designer 2013 + Content Pack

MAGIX Page & Layout Designer 2013 + Content Pack | 178.27 MB

MAGIX Page & Layout Designer 2013 adalah program yang ideal untuk membuat desain logo, kampanye iklan dan materi pemasaran  secara profesional. Kartu nama, brosur, newsletter atau brosur: Apapun jenis dokumen yang ingin Anda ciptakan.

 Your advantages:
- Large selection of royalty-free templates for the perfect business presence
- Create business cards, letter paper, invitations,food and drinks menus, logos etc.
- Make your own affordable advertising material: flyers, posters, newsletters, coupons etc.
- Design advertising materials featuring your logo designs (e.g. cups, pens etc.)
- Direct link to social media sites, e.g. Facebook
- All features in one interface
- No prior knowledge necessary

MAGIX Page & Layout Designer offers:
- A large selection of customizable, royalty-free templates
- Templates for any purpose: Business cards, business presentations, advertising materials
- Create newsletters, PDFs and lots more.
- Create a logo e.g. Company logos for cups or pens for advertising materials
- Direct links to Facebook and Flickr thanks to the MX function.
- Use a single program for all tasks and save yourself time and money.



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