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Mengubah file PPT ke Flash 3D Wall

convert ppt to flash
VeryPDF PPT to Flash 3D Wall 2.0 | 14 Mb
VeryPDF PDF to Flash 3D Wall dapat membantu Anda mengkonversi PowerPoint ke 3D flash dengan 3D transisi dan efek animasi. Hal ini memungkinkan Anda untuk melihat dan menunjukkan PPT Anda melalui browser populer. Anda dapat menempatkan PPT Anda di server cloud seperti Dropbox, dan kemudian melihat, berbagi, dan menunjukkan PPT di manapun Anda berada. VeryPDF PDF ke Flash 3D Wall menyediakan cara yang lebih aman, lebih cepat dan lebih mudah bagi Anda untuk berbagi PPT online.

Convert PPT/ PPTX to flash
convert PPT/PPTX to flash (HTML, ZIP or EXE), which can be saved on remote server such as Dropbox when you want to view and share PPT online with your friends. Specify an image/pure color/gradient color as the output flash background. Add logo and link to flash 3D wall. Apply any built-in template to the flash 3D wall.

Make movie-like flash 3D wall
create movie-like flash 3D wall with seamless thumbnails between thumbs and large slides. You can open the flash 3D wall with any popular browser such as IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Glow and reflection effects are added to the edges of thumbnails and slides to render the flash 3D wall. Advanced image processing algorithms are applied to enhance the slide quality.

Fantastic viewer experiences
viewers can scroll, tilt and zoom in/out the flash 3D wall using either mouse or arrow keys on the keyboard or dragging the button of the slider bar under the flash 3D wall on the screen. Click any thumbnail to zoom in/out slide. Scroll mouse to zoom in/out the entire 3D wall. Press and move the right mouse button over blank area to tilt and drag the whole 3D wall.

Safer and easier to share
compared with PPT, flash is smaller and safer. It is a nice choice to share the flash, instead of the original PPT, online, especially when you try to protect you PPT from unwanted editing.

More Features of VeryPDF PPT to Flash 3D Wall
Add branding or logo to the 3D flash and allow you to add hyperlink to the logo.
Define background for flash 3D wall: use pure color, gradient color or image.
Tile, center or stretch the image background.
Change gradient color angle.
Add information like title, email address, description, etc. for the 3D flash wall.
Hide or display the information and share buttons.
Save flash 3D wall as HTML, ZIP or EXE.
Set page range when input PPT/PPTX.
Provide multiple templates for setting the flash 3D wall background.


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